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You’re a guy waking up in a strange place in Downward, then you start hearing voices talking and guiding you along your venture but you have no idea why.

If I’m being honest with myself, it took a good couple of minutes for me to even start liking Downward since I played Die Young earlier, where the game felt like it was a copy paste job since it shares the same engine and some of the same mechanics as Die Young, but there’s was different enough content and mechanics that it stands on its own.

Downward starts when you, a young guy waking up in a mysterious world, start hearing a voice talking to and guiding you along your venture, trying to find out what happened to yourself and to the world.

The gameplay is fun with its basic parkour gameplay, from jumping from one platform to another and climbing to the top. While I expected to see more varying tricks like backflips, but the game does what it does best and provides with with a fun and addicting time, especially with all the obstacles you’d have to overcome.

Aside from the gameplay, you’ll appreciate how beautiful the world/map is designed, where you’ll see a mix of old and new structures, seeing statues and artifacts as you explore your surroundings.

The enemies you’ll face in the game are interesting and unique where you have to harvest artifacts from the Golem’s back which makes it a more interactive and engaging battle. While it is fun to battle them, enemy variety is on a low level, which after a while gets a bit boring so I’m hoping that’ll be increased over time.

Download the beta demo on Steam Early Access.

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