Dome Discover, Alpha Download

Dome Discover, Alpha Download

Dome Discover is a 3D adventure RPG developed by Rosario Puche. The game is in alpha and is available to download in early access on its Steam page.

The world is not as we know it, for humans live in Domes and are not allowed to leave under any circumstance. In this game, you play as 16 year old Aeon who wants to escape the Dome and see what awaits him outside.

The Dome you start in is controlled by Dux Ananke, and every hundred years, you must fight him to claim your freedom.

Each of the Domes are unique and have their own culture and biome.

Use your favorite weapons, unique to each Dome, to destroy your enemies and finish quests.

Most of all, just have some fun in this beautiful anime style world.

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