DodgeSaw, Prototype Jam Download

DodgeSaw, Prototype Jam Download

DodgeSaw is a 2.5D bullet hell game made by Bad Piggy for the Disc Room game jam. The game is available for download at it’s Itch page, or you can play the game directly in the browser.

Jump around the court as you attempt to dodge the flurry of saws being thrown your way.

The objective in each stage is to pick up saws and throw them at your opponents.

Take down everyone on the other side to move on to the next stage, where the saws will become deadlier.

How long will you survive the bullet hell until the swarms of blades eventually takes you down?

If you want a challenge, try the impossible difficulty for a more realistic 1 hit and you’re out dodgeball rule.

Check out and follow the developer on Twitter if you’d like to keep up with the game’s development if it continues on, or to check out on other games being worked on.

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