Diluvian Ultra, Alpha Demo Download

Diluvian Ultra by CrestHelm

Diluvian Ultra gets an alpha demo you can download over at its itch page, a sword wielding, gun totting, alien filled adventure developed by CrestHelm.

This first person shooter, with a retro pixel art style, is set in a spaceship jam-packed with aliens.

In Diluvian Ultra you play as Atilla. Waking up after a millennia long sleep to find his ship crawling with invaders. An entire army has set up camp in the halls and chambers of the living ship that was supposed to carry Atilla and his castle to the Crescent expanse. Now he will have to drive out the invaders before they lay their hands on the secret the castle was built to protect: The book of life.

It is all about your quick reflexes, while you dodge your way out of enemy projectiles, shoot to kill and rip and tear these hordes of aliens into oblivion.

You have to combine your weapons and armor as set your opponent up for a deadly blow, as you get to use guns that spit out alien goo, swords, alien guns made from alien insects, as well as the added special reload feature that heals armor damage and turning your ammo into grenades.

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