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Escape the Island and you won’t Die Young, a single-player first person survival adventure game with some puzzles to solve, as well as trying to escape from crazy and dangerous looking enemies.

The game feels like a weird mix between FarCry, Dead By Daylight and Tomb Raider. The opening scene shows your character as a wild party girl that needs to survive on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. She can’t recall her memories on what happened to he, who kidnapped her and why, but now she’s on this mysterious island barely surviving.

It’s a solid game considering its alpha state, with impressive game mechanics from its controls to enemy behavior where they don’t just stand and wait for you, but they’re always on the lookout for survivors, and once they spot you they won’t stop until you’ve been captured and killed.

If you’re damaged, you’ll need to find either nourishment from drinking water, eating berries or gather certain flowers/plants to mush into powder and consume it, to restore your health.

The world feels alive with how beautiful it looks despite its horrifying nature. The visuals are top-notch with appealing landscapes, pleasing background sound effects like birds chirping, and heck I even took a five-minute break on top of the Costal tower to take in and enjoy the vista.

While there are some key Mediterranean features that are missing in the game such as olive trees, date palms, Wild fig trees, that are very common, the island will be easily recognizable to those who have visited Greece with the ancient ruins in game.

Don’t Die Young stands out in the survival genre by providing you with a solid adventure and story, pushing you forward and keeping you interested in playing the game which very few provide.

Get and download the alpha on indieGala.

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