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Robot combat arena is probably one of the coolest three-word phrases I have ever heard of and one of my favorite competitive activity to watch as well. Something about two opposing teams trying to tear each other’s creation apart while also strategizing to keep their own machine from getting destroyed really makes it feel like it did in the past with gladiatorial battles, minus the ending of another life. Well, in Efecto Stuidos newest title, Decoherence, it has both the robots and the person creating them fighting at the same time in the same arena.

Decoherence is a competitive action strategy game where you play as the mechanic. You build up your team of robots and program them with strategies and attack patterns and put your wits up against your opponent. This game is designed to test your strategic thinking as well as your skill as the mechanic on the ground. The camera is set above the play and it plays like a twin-stick shooter, that is one stick moves your character while the other causes him to look in the direction that stick is pointing and shooting in that direction as well.

So far, no gameplay has been released of the game, but based on the trailer it looks like you can have an array of mechs to fight by your side. You can have them automatically fly towards your enemy and they will try to do what damage they can from the front while it looks like you can combine some of your other mechs to make them more effective. There are even battle suits that your character can get into to give them the edge in combat. With this sort of battle system, no two matches will be the same and it will take your ability to strategize, your skill on the ground, and your ability to think on the fly to win each match.

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