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Dead Estate is a top-down roguelike horror game made by Milkbar Lads. The game is available for free download on Itch and is coming soon to Steam with brand new updates and additions.

After hitchhiking with the truck driver Jeff Trucker, Jules and her new friend find themselves attacked by a horde of monsters. The horde follows them into a nearby mansion, and this is where your story begins. Choose your character and venture into the dark and dangerous mansion where you try to survive and defeat the monsters lurking within. Collect money as you defeat these monsters and make your way through the rooms. Find keys, unlock chests, and purchase weapons and items that will make you stronger and aid in your survival. Be sure to spend your ammo wisely to avoid having to beat upcoming bosses with your starter pistol. Can you defeat the bosses that stand in your way and make it through the 4 floors of this monster-infested mansion alive?

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