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There is something thrilling about the concept of fighting giant monsters with only your wits and the biggest weapon that you can lift on your side. It gives such an adrenaline rush to know that you could lose due to small mistake that happened to leave you vulnerable. That danger is what creates such a thrilling experience, even if it is in a video game. Phoenix Labs Studios newest 3D coop action RPG, Dauntless, is one such example of these games. You are one of these Slayers who’s job is to protect the small settlements and scouting parties, who have come to study and harvest from a new land called Ramsgate. The thing that makes Ramsgate unique is that it is flowing with a mystical substance called Aether. The other thing that makes it unique are the creatures that inhabit these floating isles. These creatures called Behemoths have been feasting on the Aether, essentially devouring the planet itself, and it has made them vicious and powerful.

A few examples of what you are going to be fighting against. The first is the swift Embermane, who is as quick as he is deadly. If he doesn’t eat you whole, he will probably just impale you on the large spike the grows on the front of his nose or rip you apart with his powerful claws. When cornered and in danger, it will shoot fire from its gaping mouth, engulfing anyone that isn’t fortunate enough to dodge in flames. Another is the destructive Pangar. A creature usually found far to the north that has recently moved a little further south. It has tough armor that will deflect most attacks and his tail is faster that you would think. It would swing around with enough force to knock a person’s head off. Aether has granted it power over Ice, allowing him to create massive walls between him and his enemies or cause massive spikes to come out of the ground. In a pinch, it will lower its jaw and start to roll around like coin, crushing anyone in its way and creating massive walls of ice on either side of him to trap anyone caught in between them.

These very dangerous and killing is second nature to them now. But, you have your wits, your Aether charged weapons and armor, and your teammates to help you survive these massive beasts and even take them down. Using teamwork, you can combo the enemies between all four of you and stagger him to deal massive damage. The pixel-perfect combat makes it very intense, as a mere second could be the difference as to whether you were able to dodge an attack or take it full force and Aether is not only their tools, but yours as well. Your weapons have been charged with Aether, which allows you to make devastating attacks that will certainly leave the enemy staggering. After the battle, you can forge stronger equipment for the next battle. Humanity is on it’s last legs and needs this Aether in order to survive. They will need as many Slayers as they can get.

Sign-up for the alpha on the game’s website. You need to sign-up here as well.

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