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Dandara. That is the name of your character and the name of Long Hat House‘s newest upcoming title. You are awoken in a bizarre universe where the oppressed are currently on the edge of being completely obliterated and it is up to you to change the scales and reshape the entire galaxy. This game is going to be one of the few that will be available on Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch.

The game is a 2D pixelated metroidvania shooter. The only way for you to move is by jumping from surface to surface, no matter what orientation you end up in. You could end up on the walls or ceiling, but don’t think you are safe at either of these locations, as the enemies that you will face have been expecting you and have prepared themselves by equipping themselves accordingly. You will have to outsmart them or get the drop on them however you can to be able to take them out safely. Many of the puzzles that you encounter will be accompanies by being able to make quick split-second movements to avoid taking a hit.

Despite the pixelated style, the environments have all been made with love and care and no two rooms feel the same. The character designs are all amazing and that includes the enemies and bosses that you will encounter. Along with the original soundtrack that is being used int the game, this will make for a fine addition to the Switches currently library of games.

Sign-Up for the alpha and beta on the game’s website.

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