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Everything’s cool until the vampires start smuggling their kin into your city. Damsel is on it without second thought. Vamps in my town? HA! This side scroller platformer with objective-based levels is set up like a spy film with a dash of Wesley Snipes. Damsel gets her mission goals and makes her rounds, deactivating bombs, saving hostages and exterminating the vampires prepping to invade her town. They come neatly packaged in coffins, and you can lower their numbers by catching them while they sleep. However there are plenty of vampires up and walking around, patrolling their lair. There are a few different types of enemies to watch out for, so hanging on those ledges before boldly leaping up and dashing around might be a good approach.

Each of the levels has a mission goal that ends the round, but there are plenty of challenges present for bonus points. Rescuing all hostages before completing the mission is tough, especially when the level sets an expiration timer on how long you have to complete the main goal. Keep in mind that Damsel has no health meter, it’s literally one hit and you’re toast. When you’re bolting it through the vampire lair, pace yourself or you might run straight into a vampire hiding behind the level geometry in the lower levels. They’ll smack you, throw things and swoop in from the sky to stop you from putting an end to their invasion. You might have guessed it already, but the name is kind of ironic.

Download the alpha demo on the game’s website.

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