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To many, the purpose of life is a concept that cultivates the wildest theories and thoughts, generating abstraction after abstraction in an attempt to attribute some meaning to existence. However sometimes the result you seek may lie before you, if you just open your eyes. If you prefer not to tangle your mind up in such far-fetched oddities, Cultist Simulator will force that out of you. This is a game that breaks down life into simple variables, lays them on a table for you and ushers you into leaving the nest where you once felt so content in your discontentment with life. In this card game of sorts, you’ll find that the answers to satiate the hunger of your mind might not be as simple or abstract as your preconception of the query. Combinations must be discovered and played, eating up the time on the clock, which also controls your vitality, and longevity…

Cultist Simulator might be strange and difficult to grasp for those who do not immerse themselves in the culture manifested by the occult. However the simplicity of the interface breaks down the elements in plain yet mystical ways, bestowing thought-provoking knowledge upon you each step of the way. It is almost impossible for you to walk away from this game without learning something about the universe, or yourself. You will find ways to work, spend your funds as time passes in order to keep from starving, and branch out your network, conversing with like-minded individuals and potentially form a cult. The foundation of said society must be based on something profound and worthwhile, so how do you decide on what that is? Spending time studying books that you purchase from the shoppe will lead you to your goal, and once established, you may recruit members of your little ring. The motive isn’t always as sinister as the misconceptions convey, perhaps this might be a way for you to cope. Or maybe you seek contentment through contact of any kind, be it in this world or the next.

Download the alpha build on the game’s itch page.

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