Cube World Getting New Updates “Soon”

Cube World was an amazing game when it was announced, and probably a game that could’ve been the next big thing looking at how positively it was spoken upon if it had a nice speedy and good development, but it was far from it.

After the game’s alpha launched in July 2013, it had received a few bug fixing and optimization updates within the month, but soon after the game was pulled from being sold and we haven’t heard much from the game for a long time. Fans thought the game was dead but a few email replies every few 5 months or so ensured by the head developer that the game is still being developed.

The latest email that was sent was from Kotaku and luckily they got a reply from the developer ensuring again that they, alongside the game is alive and kicking, heavily working on the game’s new quest system. From what he said the game’s new quest system is satisfactory so far and we’ll see updates regarding it and the game “soon”.

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