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Ctesiphon is a fast paced, cyberpunk, first-person shooter being developed by user stormygame on itch.io. You are a female soldier that is dropped in the middle a small town with a bunch of computer screen with guns. If they see you, they will shoot on site, so you will have to be careful. There is only one level currently and a limited amount of enemies, so there isn’t a lot of content currently available, but in that one level, there are a multitude of secrets that you can find. Some of those secrets include ammo, armor, and weapons.

There are a handful of weapons available, but they are all different and diverse in their use. You have your initial melee weapon, the Data-Spike. Not ideal when fighting enemies with guns, but better than nothing and no ammo required, so it is good in a pinch. You also start with a sub-machine gun. You can use this to take out your enemies from a distance, as it has an optic scope that you can use. You can find a shotgun that also has the benefit of some low-damage explosive rounds. After a little bit of searching, you will find the coup de grace weapon, the Rocket Launcher. This will get you through any obstacle that stands in your way to the exit. As the game gets further in development, I look forward to what further changes will be made to add more content.

Download the alpha demo on itch.io.

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