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COLDSUPERHOT is a top-down local multiplayer shooter. Created by ModDB user Pixelrobin for the @MAKEITSUPERHOT Competition. You play as a tank and you objective is to find and kill your opponent who is also a tank tasked to take you out as well. It uses some of the visuals from SUPERHOT with you and your opponent being little glass tanks of various color and the bullet trails. The trails make it easy to see where a shot is going to go and help you figure out how to dodge it.

Now, dodging isn’t as simple as you think. You are a tank. Your only way of moving is straight forward and straight backwards and you are stuck in place as you turn from left to right. Now, that isn’t the tricky part. The tricky part is that the bullets will bounce off of the walls. This makes it to where you really need to pay attention to where each and every shot goes, or you could be taken from behind or end up eating your own shot, like I usually ended up doing. It is just local multiply currently and requires two people to play, but it is a lot of fun and very nostalgic of older games that would follow this same model and that makes it very fun.

Download the prototype jam game on Moddb.

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