Clicker Fred – Open Beta Download

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If you’re a fan of the Fred games made by Dedalord, then Clicker Fred is definitely a must.

Let’s keep it short, the game is fun. You just have to click on the screen to make your Freds go faster ( Yes i just said Freds as if one Fred isn’t enough already), and these Freds collect coins which u can spend on upgrades, or even better buy other Freds. This game has a lot of cameos and each one is better than the other, for example there is a Darth Vader Fred, a Deadpool Fred, a Vault boy Fred and many more. So if you feel like whipping some Freds and making them run to become rich (In the game of course), then what are you waiting for.

Download the game on Google PlayStore for Android

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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