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The point-and-click genre is always one that will be close to many gamer’s hearts as it was the beginning of the adventure series back in the early days of video games. Clarisse is a new point-and-click game being made by Not Human Games, where you are an AI program named Clarisse. As the AI program, you are able to scan various objects in the environment to understand what they are and what they can do. From there, you can interact with many of these objects to attain some goal. You were created by Dr. Matt Simons to help him with his newest creation. There isn’t much information from there as the current Alpha is around 20-30 minutes. Most of the gameplay looks to be very puzzle based. Turning a generator on could mean that you would need to match a frequency while the only indication you have is a little green light that tells you if you are getting warmer. Building an object would mean that you will need to find something in the environment that explains how to build said object and so on.

The story is very simple so far. Dr. Simons is currently on the brink of creating something great. He mentions that it could completely end human suffering as a whole. No world hunger, no more wars, and no more more strife are some of the goals of this new invention. But he seems to be ill, as he is constantly coughing through his dialog. Perhaps that good doctor has just been working to hard, too many sleepless night. For something that could make the world peaceful, a few hours sleep lost is nothing in comparison to the end goal. Based on your character being an AI unit,the game looks to be trying to bring out more of an emotional response from the player than from the character and looks to be a terrific and terrifying story as the ending has a very great cliffhanger. It will make people who enjoy an good, emotional story look forward to further updates and to the games eventual release.

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