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There is always some story of a city made of very valuable materials. El Dorado, The City of Gold is the first one that would come to my mind when thinking of such things. But, there are others that are out there, perhaps not made of anything as valuable as gold, but hold just as much treasure and are just as well hidden. You find one of these lost cities in the new rouge-like 3D FPS game called City of Brass, developed by Uppercut Games.

You play as a thief that has had the luck to find this lost city. But, whether that is good luck or bad luck depends on what happens within the city. There are mountains of treasure in this city, but it is not left unguarded. There are undead soldiers everywhere and deadly traps await around every corner for you to stumble into and cut your exploration short. But, you knew the dangers going in, and are equipped properly to face the challenges before you. With your scimitar and whip you can fight your way past the hoards of enemies, swing across those endless gaps, pull your enemies towards you to deliver that finishing blow, or use the traps to your own advantage and have them trigger on your enemies.

Of course, with dangers like these, you are bound to die. Over and over and over again. But do not fret, as death is not the end. You simply have to start the trials over again from the beginning, but they will not be the same as they were before, so each and every run will test your skill and your reaction. There is a lot between you and the treasure you desire, but don’t give up. Every failure gets you another step closer to your goal.

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