Chiaroscuro, Alpha Demo Download, Kickstarter Live

Chiaroscuro, Alpha Demo Download, Kickstarter

Chiaroscuro, a metroidvania-scented 2D action adventure platformer gets an alpha demo you can download over at its itch page, a game developed by blackberrykin / Joey Mora.

In this pixel-art styled game, you take control and play as a character named Rose, an adventurer that has amnesia, where you’ll explore an inter-connected black and white world that has lost almost all of its light, encountering hostile creatures along the way that you’ll have to fight, all the while acquiring new abilities to use for combat or traversal reasons.

We’re getting vibes from Hollow Knight and Limbo from this, which is definitely a welcomed mix to experience. The game will have a Kickstarter campaign launching soon, so make sure to click that “Notify me on launch” button on their pre-launch page to get notified as soon as they go live.

Update: Developers have launched their funding campaign on Kickstarter, with a financial goal of $ . If you enjoyed the demo and would like to help it complete its development, then you can either help it by becoming a backer, or spreading the word about it and sharing its Kickstarter page. If you do decide to back it, then it’s worth mentioning that there’s a beta access tier to consider called “Beta Acces & Flower Skin!” or “Lore and Concept Art Book! (PDF)”.

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