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In the past few decades, a pastime was slowly created through the rise of the video game industry. Of course I could be talking about playing games in general, but no. This goes a bit beyond that. One thing that’s stood out from simply playing games, is destroying our friends in any and every way. CavelMan is sort of like that, and it brings friends closer together (literally) with its good old fashioned multiplayer action. What’s going on in CavelMan? Well it’s quite simple actually, you want to be the top chef in your tribe. Who hasn’t wanted something so prestigious in ancient times? Everyone, that’s why we had wars throughout history, among other reasons.

This is a couch multiplayer, that means you sit on a couch with your friends. Don’t sit on a computer or gaming chair, that’s for squares. There are actually a ton of indie games being developed with this play method available, so it might be a good idea to plug your computer into the living room TV and throw some Cheetos at each other while you go crazy with dinosaurs. In CavelMan, you’ll be swiping eggs and beating the crap out of each other in an attempt to be the head of cooking for your tribe. This is probably how everything was solved in prehistoric times, probably. This top down 4-player club-fest is played in bouts where all four players battle it out, throwing eggs at each other, riding dinosaurs to crush the environment and other players, and picking up that club to smack their friends with. The end of the battle will give you a few fun statistics such as how many times you got clubbed, or how many faces you’ve punched.

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