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Deep in the jungles of I have no idea where, Catboy is riding his hoverbike and comes to a stop. There’s no proceeding any further on foot, because the dog army is preventing Catboy from leaving the jungle. There’s only one way he’s escaping this dog-eat-dog world, by scratching, jumping and shooting his way out. Catboy is a side scroller beat-em-up action shooter reminiscent of the old 16-bit 2D action shooter era when games like Contra or Gunstar Heroes (maybe Bionic Commando?) found their home in the market. The current Catboy build is a prototype, and features one level, awesome art and that beat-em-up and shoot-em-up action the developers promised.

At first, you might be trying to jump on the floating hoverbike, I wasted a good minute doing this only to realize that’s the bike you flew in on, and there’s no turning around. Time to rough it in the jungle, with nothing but an empty pistol and those dangerous claws of yours. All the enemies have guns, making close-quarters combat slightly difficult to engage in. However with only a scarce amount of ammo pickups in the game, you’re going to be relying on those claws. Find an opening in the firing rate of your enemy and jump in! Catboy can wall jump, dash and leap as well, so don’t forget to employ those, especially if you accidentally jump down a hole and hit a wall. Catboy is a great start for an addicting 2D action game that does a wonderful job of emulating that atmosphere built by games passed.

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