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I have been playing a lot of arcade shooters recently. Most of them involve trying to get to a high score by taking out enemies that are trying to take you out. You have a handful of lives and once those are gone, that is it. Intense music playing the background with an art style that matches. Bunny on a Plane is very different from that, despite also being an arcade shooter.

In this game, you control a sky-high bunny that is flying in a plane who is supposedly searching for fame. To be able to keep the plane afloat, you have to shoot every balloon and fly through every ring that comes you way. If you miss it, you take a hit. If you miss 9, that is game over. You control the character solely with the mouse. Your movements on the mouse control the plane, left click shoots and right-click as you little character doing a stunt.

The art style is very cute and the music that plays in the background is shown at the bottom, karaoke style. Play the game long enough and you will find yourself singing along when the words come up, holding a song in your heart hoping that it does not rain.

Download the prototype jam game on itch.io.

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