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Broke Protocol is a first-person sandbox game where you shape your character and your story. It is a little bit like Grand Theft Auto, where you are dropping into the middle of a city and are left to do whatever you want. You can go off and get a job and earn money like a respectable, model citizen. You can play a criminal that steals peoples belonging and ends them if they do not cooperate. You can even go and become the police officers that uphold the peace in this chaotic city. It is all of up to you and how you want to play.  You can play either by yourself in Offline mode or with Online mode with some friends.

In Online mode, you can start a battle-royale game and have a big fight with everyone who joins with no fear of police breaking up the fun. There are limited activities that you can do online, but with the current system set in place, it looks like there will be a lot of game modes that you and a couple of friends will be able to enjoy. Currently, you can just enjoy the role playing aspect of the game. As the game gets further into its development, I look forward to what will be added to make it an even better experience.

Download and play the alpha on the game’s website.

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