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I have always been a fan of fighting games. I’m never particularly good at any of them as they are all diverse in their mechanics and play styles. No two fighting games are really all that much the same as they all have their own systems that really makes them stand out from each other.Sometimes that could be the inclusion of a mechanic or the removal of one as well In Angry Mob Games’ newest 2D fighter, Brawlout, I would have to say it is the lack of defensive options that makes it stand out as well as the need to be as aggressive as possible.

In this game, you are required and heavily encouraged to be as aggressive as possible. Your goal is to attack your opponent enough to raise his damage percentage. Once that reaches a high enough level, a heavy attack will send them flying off the screen. The goal is to take all of your opponent’s lives while keeping your own intact. To do this, being aggressive is very important. With limited defensive options, there is very little the opponent will be able to do if you can catch them in a devastating combo. You have to beware through. As you are beating at your opponent, you are both receiving energy to your Rage Meter. This can be used to initiate a combo breaker or give yourself a good power boost to take out your enemies. It is up to what you think is best for the situation.

Select from 6 unique characters. Love grapplers? You can choose the four-armed luchador, Paco. His massive build and devastating grabs are sure to send your opponent flying, even at low percentages. If you get into a little trouble off the edge or your enemy tries to put some distance between him and you, pull yourself right to him with Paco’s tongue grab. Want to be able to get in, land some quick hits, and back out before your enemy can retaliate? Then you will want to play as the lightning quick werewolf, Volt. His moves are quick enough to catch anyone off guard and makes it easy to get them into one of the devastating combos that he has. Once that damage meter gets to a high point, you can hit them with one of your many powerful electrical moves and blast them out of the stadium. There are several other characters with their own unique way of fighting, so anyone should be able to find a character that suits them and their play style. With no blocks to stand in your way, there is not reason to go easy on your opponents. They will also be doing everything they can to send you packing, so don’t give them that chance at all.

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