Bravery Network Online, Beta Test Sign Up (Demo), Demo Download

Bravery Network Online, Beta Test Sign Up (Demo)

Bravery Network Online is looking for testers, and you can sign up for its beta demo by filling up this form, and increase your chances of getting invited by joining the game’s Discord server.

The game is a 2D strategic turn-based strategy game, developed by GLOAM, where you get to fight very fashionable characters, and chat with them too as there are visual novel elements.

Bravery Network Online is a turn-based battle game that has you in the future world of Toronto, competing in the ultimate sport: Bravery. Technology has made resource scarcity a thing of the past, and the citizens lovingly battle each other to stay plugged in.

Update: You can download the beta demo for the game on its Steam store page. It will only be available from the 27th til the 30th of August, 2020.

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