Boundless – Pre-Alpha Access

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Previously know as Oort Online, Boundless will bring you to a fantasy world where many other worlds are open to you right from the get go, giving you endless adventures of great beauty and discovery in ways you’ve never seen before.

It’s a first/third person online multiplayer adventure game with a strong focus on a lot of elements including exploring beautiful worlds, build great structures, crafting unique items, creating a society with other players, battling small and gigantic creatures and so much more.

The one thing that makes Boundless unique to which no game has done as far as we know, is having to go to another world through a portal found in the game, seeing that other world with it’s creatures and players moving in real time, passing through that portal and going to that other world all in real time, and that other world is actually a different server!

Get pre-alpha access with the full game here.

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