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Bosorka alpha test sign-ups are now open on the Steam store page.

Bosorka is an action game that combines the best elements of the roguelike and shoot ’em up genres with stunning top-down 3D graphics. In this dark fantasy world, you’ll play as the young witch Horpyna, who must stop an ancient Grimoire from summoning monstrous creatures and taking over the world.

Bosorka is an exciting action roguelike where a young witch saves the world from insidious and cruel demons. Combine runes, master a variety of brooms, and try all possible and impossible spells until you gain enough power to fight evil.

As you journey through various locations, you’ll encounter unique biomes with secret rooms, hidden passages, and breathtaking landscapes. But beware, each level is guarded by powerful bosses from the netherworld, each with their own set of formidable abilities.

But it’s not all about fighting – you can also recruit companion demons to join your army and help you in battle. And don’t forget about the powerful spells at your disposal, which can be found and unlocked through mysterious mirrors scattered throughout the game world.

In addition to fighting, you can also collect and combine items to create unique combinations, like a protective shell or poisonous touch. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try out different witch’s brooms to unlock their special skills and find your favorite way to soar to victory.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the development of Bosorka, be sure to follow the developers on Twitter.

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