Bloop, Prototype Jam Download

Bloop, Prototype Jam Download

Bloop is a game that was developed in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 47 with the theme being ‘stuck in a loop’. The game won first place and the prototype is available to download on its Itch page.

In this game you start out by getting stabbed in the back of the head.. several times. You wonder, will it ever stop? The answer is yes. Duck to avoid the spear coming your way and watch out for incoming enemies!

Every time you die or reach the end of your timeline, you start from the beginning. You’re stuck in a loop! You must be thinking, how do I win? Every time you kill an enemy or avoid a spear and advance more, you reach the end of your timeline and start again. The only difference now is that your timeline now increased and there’s one more attack or spear coming your way. Essentially, a part of the story reveals itself to you for next time. Slowly, but surely you’ll reach the end of the whole timeline and finish the story. You can memorize what u have to do to make it easier or simply react quickly. The game is actually quite addicting and fun to play but it is a bit short (as to be expected or this game would be impossible and very frustrating).

If you would like to keep up to date with future game developments from the developer, then make sure to check out and follow their Twitter account.

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