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We love the apocalypse. The reason should be obvious. Total freedom (sort of). When the rules are out the window and it’s everyone for themselves, we all become scavengers and there’s always opportunity for looting. Blasted Road Terror takes a bunch of gameplay mechanics from several genres and creates its own unique, and difficult to master, gameplay. Elements of RTS games and top down shooters collide in this wasteland looter title. The game borrows some concepts from the latest Mad Max: Fury Road film and creates a strangely unique strategy game that will take a lot of planning and quick thinking. The player has their own base which can be upgraded, and a squad of vehicles to protect the warcrawler on the dangerous roads.

The base is where you’re going to want to do a lot of your planning for the mission ahead. There are a lot of options here, from visiting the tavern, to shopping on the black market, then back to the garage to upgrade your squad or add more vehicles to your convoy. When you have a squad of four vehicles to guard your warcrawler, you can start adding on some weaponry to them. If you think ammo is going to be a concern on the trip, you can also upgrade your warcrawler to carry more. When you think you’re ready to take on one of the missions, you better check out the indiedb page first so you know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s not as easy as it sounds, cause there isn’t a lot of time to think while your vehicles are being bombarded by enemies. You can slow down time during a fight, but that only helps a little bit. The missions play out a lot like the old Spy Hunter, but with RTS controls. It’s definitely intense, and takes a lot of preparation before jumping out on a mission. Blasted Road Terror is not an easy game, but brings a lot of fun with the depth the tactical gameplay mechanics add to this title.

Download the alpha demo on indiedb.

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