Biketrial Experience – Prototype Download

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Biketrial Experience, a biking game by Rúben Rocha that has its prototype up to download and play on its itch page, is one that came to life from the desire to play a very realistic biking game, when playing a flood of Trial games over the past years.

What’s different between this one and your average Trials game? BTE is focused on the actual pace. moves and tricks that actual bike riders do, leaning toward the simulation and authenticity side of things compared to the exaggerated and arcade nature of a Trials game. Don’t get the wrong impression, Trial games are fun, but it doesn’t provide such a tight experience that BTE is providing.

With that said, the game is relatively hard and challenging to play, where you’ll have to experience many trial and errors until you finish a level, let a lot mastering one, as well as mastering the game’s controls and when to use certain tricks/moves.

Having play-tested the game as far as two years ago and re-playing it again now, BTE is different a fun and addictive game that I found myself spending hours playing, trying to finish levels, learning new tricks, deciding which move is the best to use in which part of a level, and trying to get gold models for each run.

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