BEWARE – WIP Demo Download

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Beware, an open-world driving simulation game that will, without a doubt tickle your horror bone as you drive on its roads being chased by enemies trying to ram you off into wreckage, as you try to collect information scattered around the world.

Ondrej Svadlena, the creator/developer of the game has finally released a demo for it (from what we can piece together, a tech demo) that you can download on its indiedb page, with a file size of around 1 GB.

As an intense and thrilling horror survival game, one that takes a twist by having you play it as a driver instead of a person walking around, have players up in joy where one would compare it to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. that’s a “post-soviet nightmare” with its bald enemies trying to stop, probably to kill you.

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