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There is something very satisfying about taking on waves and waves of with a virtually limitless amount of enemies and, at the end of the wave, as the sounds of battle begin to fade, you look at your handy work and at all the corpses that you have left. Then they all disappear and the next wave begins. In the new 2D action shooter, Battle Bruise, just that happens with hoards of zombies and elephants and donkeys and a bunch of other unique and odd enemies. The difference through, is the corpses will actually start to pile up as they are killed and create mountains of bodies for you to stand upon. This can be a good and bad thing. The good thing being that you can erect a wall of corpses that will slow or outright stop enemies progress to eat your face and give you an epic point to be at if you reach a final stand situation. The bad thing is that you are unable to shoot things that are on a higher plane than you and can sometimes block you from slaughtering loads of other enemies.

Currently, there are two game modes that you can take part in. You have your standard ‘Survival’ mode, where waves and waves of enemies will come out to you in the middle of an empty map and you have to survive and get coins, so you can purchase upgrades and weapons at the end of the rounds. The other is called ‘Car Defence’ where you are stranded out in the middle of nowhere and the hoards of the undead want to make sure that you are stuck out there. You have to, similarly, fight off enemies and get money to get weapons and upgrades as well as purchase defenses that you can build for the car. Several turrets are available and you can upgrade them to help you take out the seemingly unlimited amount of enemies. While going through these modes, you will want to keep your eye out as various power-ups will drop for you to take advantage of. You could get Rage, which will allow you to shoot a lot quicker to take out more enemies, but be careful as you will go through your ammo more, which I found out the hard way that your weapons have ammo as well. There is the Freeze power-up that slows down all enemies to make them easy pickings. The last one available is a Nuke. There really isn’t much to explain here. You grab the nuke, a bomb falls from the sky and effectively clears out all nearby enemies. With what the game currently offers, it can make people look forward to the full release, and lets be honest, nothing feels better than slaughtering thousands of zombies.

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