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Congrats, you’re now the star of your own comic book! Super cool, however, you’ve kind of been bumped off the scene by some rather malicious beings, and it’s time to take back your title as Badass Hero. This 2D platformer action roguelite drops players in a panel-by-panel comic universe where the levels are randomly arranged. You run screen to screen trying to survive and make it to the next panel. You’ll run a gauntlet of enemies and traps, all populating a labyrinth of single-screen levels connected together. The player starts out with an automatic pistol, and can double jump, dash, and shoot their way to the end. Play it cool though, there are no health drops so once your HP hits zero, it’s game over, and you restart from the beginning.

Not all is lost however, you will be leveling up a persistent perk tree that remains intact even when you die. As you shoot enemies, you collect ink that adds up to create skill points that you assess to the tree whenever you die. There are also weapon and utility pickups that are very scarce, but available nonetheless. I live for those things so I can swap my gun out for a shotgun or sniper rifle. The enemies vary in types, and have different ways to shut you down, so learn how they work to figure out the best way to make it to the next screen without getting destroyed. There is a boss fight, if you can make it that far. The game is pretty challenging since there are no health pickups, so the chances of you making your way to the final boss (which is a pretty unfair representation of the Aztec god of wind and wisdom) are pretty slim. This is an addicting action platformer, and for some reason we can’t get enough of the ones that give us a gun to shoot things instead of jump on their heads like that one guy in the overalls.

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