AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected Alpha and Beta Testing Coming Soon

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Go AWAY and discover a wild and strange world of adventure and danger in this upcoming first-person adventure title! Just as the title suggests, players will be taking a dive into the strange and unknown, where weirdness and adventure go hand-in-hand. AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected draws inspiration from the strange wackiness of anime, which is apparent in every element of the game from the animation to the gameplay. Older shows had a different flavor that’s conveyed through the animation style of years passed, and it’s obviously channeled into the project. There are only two developers working on the project, with a third being the music composer, so the development will be a bit drawn out, however given that it’s a smaller team, the game already has a handcrafted feel to it.

AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected is planned to be a PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch release, with about eight hours of gameplay. The game mixes 3D game worlds with 2D character sprites in a sort of DOOM-style gameplay with an updated look. The trailer itself is very much like an intro to a 90’s anime, and feels a bit like something you’d expect from Arc The Lad or a multitude of other shows from that era. And it doesn’t end there, that atmosphere is carried right into the gameplay itself, creating a very unique experience. There is little more than an announcement and some pieces of media to check out at the moment, however an alpha testing period is a possibility in the near future. To keep up and watch out for that announcement, you can follow the game’s development on Steam, or follow the developers on Twitter here and here.

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