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Isometric games have the interesting property of laying out the entire map for you to see. There is nothing hidden from you and you can sit and look at it to your heart’s content. Sometimes, you need to sit and stare to be able to figure out how to get to the end of the level. In the new 3D isometric puzzle shooter, Atromike, you do this exact thing.

You are playing as space explorer Mike, who has recently just been pulled in by an unnatural force, ship and all. Now, the ship and his trusty AI are gone and he is deserted on a planet filled with dangerous contraptions and creatures. He has to make is way through each level to be able to escape from the planet. The enemies that you will encounter move only when you move, so planning your path is a must as they will follow you mercilessly until they are able to get close enough to attack you. Luckily, you find your laser gun a little ways in and can fight back now. The only thing is that the creatures are the only things that can be shot and stopped.

To progress, you have to use your surroundings to your advantage. There are switches that can be found on the floor and walls that will cause various things to happen. It could open one path while closing off another or it could cause a trap to spring shooting a deadly energy blast your way or at an unsuspecting creature. Each level has its own solution and there will be quite a bit of trial and error to be able to compete each level, find your stuff, and get the hell out of here.

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