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There is something interesting about the games where you have no ability to fight your enemies. Your only option is to cleverly use what abilities you have and manipulate your environment to be able to get to your goal. In the 3D Adventure game, Astelia : Tales of Statues, developed by students at ISART DIGITAL.

You control the last guardian of an ancient temple. An evil relic that was protected at the temple was stolen by the lord of darkness, Ogima and he is using its power to take over the rest of the temple. You must find the blade and reclaim it from him to stop his corruption, but you have to be careful. Just any one of his minions looking at your will drain you of your spiritual energy. Lose all that energy and you lose your physical form, reverting back into stone shards. Your only defense is to turn yourself back into a statue, to trick his minions and to keep your energy safe.

The game’s aesthetic looks fantastic and, although it seems limited, the gameplay is tense and can really get your blood pumping. Clever use of your statue form is required as there are minions on Ogima’s side that can destroy you in that form as well. You have to get to the end to save the temple and keep Ogima from his ultimate goal.

Download the student game on itch.

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