Artemis’ Minesweeper, Free Game Download

Artemis’ Minesweeper, Free Game Download

Artemis’ Minesweeper is a challenging bullet hell minesweeper game developed by Numachi Tamanegi. The game is available to play in the browser and is available to download for free on it’s Itch page.

This game is a version of the original minesweeper game. Normal minesweeper rules apply, while someone, presumably Artemis, rains bullets down on your cursor.

While you scratch your head attempting to solve the puzzle, you must keep wary and never forget to keep dodging.

You can set the difficulty of the game to the settings you please, but we all know minesweeper isn’t itself if it’s not on a hard difficulty. The silver lining is the hearts you are given at the start, which let you take a few bullets or hit a few bombs without losing.

If you’re a fan of the minesweeper game, be sure to check out this game for a more unique bullet hell challenge that forces veterans to rely on muscle memory to locate mine patterns.

If you’d like to keep up with the game’s development, or any other future game, then check out and follow the developer on Twitter.

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