Arrow Heads: Why Birds with Bows and Arrows?

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We always like fun creative designs and Odd Bird Studio is definitely a team that can provide such designs, specifically how their characters are designed in Arrow Heads with their humanoid form and bird features.

Those characters also have bows and arrows and so we had to ask this very important question that needs an answer: Why Birds with Bows and Arrows?

“That is a very reasonable question. Ultimately our decisions were guided by our deadline to submit our game to an event called Level Up in Toronto, Canada. This event was the entire reason for the team to come together to create Arrow Heads. We began building the game as a proof of concept to test if the idea created engaging game play, and we found that our early play testers really enjoyed the concept. From there we created the game play with cube placeholders until we could determine the character direction.”

Early Prototype

“I mention this because when our character artist (@oddbirdshae) started working out the character concepts for the game we had envisioned each character being a different woodland creature. His initial designs included a fox, bear, bird, and rabbit. Ultimately when it came down to it we realized that in order to hit our deadlines for Level Up we were going to have to stick to a single character. As a group we decided we all liked the quirkiness the bird brought to the game, and we decided to run with the birds.”

Character Design Process

“As for the bow and arrows, we had a design meeting back in November when we began the project where we threw around various ideas and concepts. One group member in particular had always wanted to create a game that utilized bows and arrows, and his passion sold the idea to the rest of the group.  From then on we began designing the game to its current state.”

So now we know the answer for our question, a love for a silly/fun character under the pressure of time and a passion for gameplay surrounded with bows and arrows. Now we’re wondering if they’ll add any other characters into the game from there woodland designs because those concept designs look lovely!

Check out the game’s website here for more information about the game. (You can also download a pre-alpha build of the game. We covered it here)


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