Arms of Telos: Why Spiders?

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While looking at some Arms of Telos footage we had a question that we’ve thrown to the developer Justin Pierce, after having a short discussion on whether or not to have scoreboards in some multiplayer games. The question was: Why spiders? His answer satisfied our curiosity, intrigued and impressed us with the reasons behind that decision.

“It made sense for the game.” Justin Pierce continues to simply say “With all the gravity and movement stuff, a sphere hitbox is better than a capsule (I can rotate the character sideways and it doesn’t change the hitbox).”

“I think it makes more sense for mouse controls anyway — move mouse left/right, the mech spins left/right on its wheels — move mouse up/down, the mech’s pivot rotates up/down.” That’s for the spider model, he then continues to compare that to a human or humanoid model “Compare that with a human, where you have to twist your body and take steps and all sorts of complex organic movements that don’t map 1:1 with the mouse’s 2 axis input.”

“I like to do things differently” as he gives another simple reason to the overall design decisions that he makes in his games.

One last thing that he mentions is in regards to the supposed wheels the mecha-spider has “I say wheels but it doesn’t actually have wheels. Maybe some cosmetic options will have wheels in the future, but in my mind it’s more like Zone of the Enders right now where the pointy feet just sort of slide around”

Having the thought of a circular hitbox never really crossed our minds, and now we think of it as a great idea/design choice in respect to how you’ll be flying/floating in AOT.

Going mech and especially going spider-mecha, with how a mechanical model makes it a lot easier and more of a visual logical and realistic sense, when combined with twitch-like movement that the mouse and keyboard makes.

We’ve received a great answer of our simple question, and we vote for no wheels and more power to pointy-hovering Z.O.E movement.

Check out the game’s website for more information about Arms of Telos, and follow the developer on Twitter.

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