ARK: Survival Evolved – Alpha Access

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ARK: Survival Evolved is your average first or third person open world survival game that’s on Steam Early Access. It has tree smacking, crafting/building and survival elements whether it be PVP or PVE, but where it differs and shines is in its quality, content, and progressing. Also dinosaurs.

It’s the second game that’s pushing on the dinosaur pitch, and while the first game that gave it a shot and failed horribly, ARK is thriving wonderfully as the level of quality in its overall design, the amount of content and options that it has, and the fun factor of the whole experience rivals that of a triple-A game if not more as it comes closer to its release.

The only issues that game has now aside from tweaking and balancing to make the overall experience good, is that it continues to need optimization.

Get alpha access and the full game upon release here.

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