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Looking at the description for Arcane on their Kickstarter page reminds me that nature is constantly attempting to take back the elements of this planet that we’ve manipulated. And in this upcoming procedurally-generated 2D adventure title, it sounds like this is what is happening at a higher intensity. The only thing is, this is the beginning of time, and as this fantasy world begins to assemble while time sews the seams of this universe, the player will be left to fend for themselves as the dangers of this world rear begin to crawl from the place where the light dares not touch.

Arcane leaves the player to their own devices, much like many of our favorite survival games, and lays a world of opportunity out before them. Instinct will guide you through and keep you from falling prey to the horrors of this world, while the mastery of magic and mystical arts will allow you to defend yourself and work miracles. You yourself are a miracle that was born to this world, and the way you interact with it will determine whether or not you are worthy of remaining here with your feet on the ground. Arcane is founded on a survival game formula that covers the basics while throwing unique elements of its own in there. You will have to gather supplies, craft tools to keep yourself sustained. Then, when forces outside nature begin to threaten your well-being, you’ll indulge in magical practices to defend yourself. Elemental magic, necromancy, and more are at your disposal. And while you’re building a home to shelter yourself, the choice is yours which school you want to study. The game is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and if you dig the adorable pixel art style and survival gameplay, you can definitely check it out through the link below!

Download the WIP demo on the game’s kickstarter campaign page.

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