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APE OUT IS SO MESSED UP. But man is that playable trailer so stylish, and now I’m conflicted about what I consider entertainment. This heavily-stylized top-down action game by Devolver Digital is an escape scenario where the player, as the escaped Simian, bolts through labyrinth after labyrinth filled with armed jerkwads who want to shoot you dead. That’s probably everyone’s first reaction to seeing an Ape barreling down the halls, but does anyone ever think of using tranquilizer guns? Guess not, so that warrants excessive violence on your end. Just run through and crush anyone or anything in your path.

Running and punching aren’t the only two things you can do in this fairly straight-forward game. You can grab enemies and use them against their comrades in a couple different ways. Grab a soldier and throw him into his buddies, toss him into a wall, or just use him as a human shield while he frantically empties his clip into his homeboys. Ripping doors off their hinges is pretty fun, especially when it’s a heavy security door that completely crushes people when you drop it on them. The playable trailer for APE OUT has just a handful of examples of the gameplay elements you can expect in the full game, and the accompaniment of the acid jazz that accents everything you do is just a rush all the way through. You can grab the demo on their Steam page, and wait til the Summer for that release date.

Download the alpha demo on Steam.

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