Antioch : Scarlet Bay – Beta Sign-Up [Mobile: iOS and Android]

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When I look at the app store on my Android phone, I see a bunch of the same games just under different titles. The “pay to win” games or the ones that require you to wait hours at a time to make the smallest bit of progression to get up to the next item only for it to make you have to wait again. These games aren’t bad, but that is all that you will usually find in the app store for any mobile device. There are very few innovative games which for a device that you will have with you pretty much at all times, would be amazing to have. That is why when I heard of Midnight Mood Studio’s newest game, Antioch : Scarlet Bay, I have been really, really excited for it.

You are one of two detectives that have been asked to investigate a gruesome murder in the neon-noir city of Antioch. You and your partner have to find clues to find out what had happened. The thing is that your partner is also being controlled by another player who can make their own decisions and continue moving the story based on their actions. Your cooperation (and sometimes your conflict) with the other player is what will help you solve this murder.

There are an array of crazy and memorable characters. You can decide to look into their backgrounds. Doing so will give you new perspective on a situation and can help you in understanding what is going on, but you have to beware. If things like Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy and the Nier series has taught me anything, learning and understanding someones perspective is one of the most powerful things to do to someone mentally and emotionally and can easily sway opinions and future actions. This can be troublesome, especially when there is a second opinion around.

The visuals are amazing with their neon-noir and every character and object pops out with this style. The music is very classical and goes together with the atmosphere perfectly. Plus, the story is written by FibreTigre who had previously wrote the story to the award-winning “Out There”, so you know that you will be hooked for every twist and turn this story will take. All in all, I am very looking forward for this game to show up in the app store and to play through the story myself.

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