Anitons, Alpha And Beta Access Through Kickstarter

Anitons, Alpha And Beta Access Through Kickstarter

Anitons, an open world, monster collecting RPG developed by 2BIGo, is on Kickstarter, with a goal of $75,000. If you pledge $45 or more, you get exclusive access to the closed beta but if you pledge 100$ or more, you get access to the closed alpha release.

In search of a job, you visit your uncle who instructs you to help him finish his project and gather information about every existing aniton.

You set out into the wilderness where you must fight wild anitons and collect their DNA to collect your own aniton of the same type. Each aniton has their own playstyle and you fight with an over the shoulder perspective. Prepare to get ambushed by several wild anitons as you won’t always have a fair fight in the wilderness.

Explore the open world and mine various ores to help you build up your base and add more monsters to your collection. Place buildings, decorate and customize the environment around your base to make your anitons feel more at home.

Evolve your anitons, or breed a new one by using DNA points which you can get by farming a specific aniton or fighting them in the wild. There are 9 different types of anitons. Each aniton prefers a different kind of food and a well fed aniton can provide you with various help. Electric types can charge your machines while fire types can heat your house and water types can water your crops.

Multiplayer mode let’s you enjoy monster collecting with your friends. Go on raids and fight aniton hordes or build your base with them. Duel other players in PvP mode and test new tactics on them! For people who want to play singleplayer, offline mode is an option.

If you’d like to keep up with the games development, then make sure to check out and follow the game’s Twitter page.

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