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Up until this point I have avoided settling down and starting a family. It’s probably the most repulsive idea I could ever toss around in my head. After playing Angry Angry Dad, this desire to NOT start a family has only been reinforced. In this top down action title, all Dad wants to do is chill out in his chair, watch the game and drink beer (just like my dad). If for some reason anyone in the household DARES disturb this sacred ritual, Dad gets mad. He probably worked all day and the last thing he wants to do is come home and do the dishes, rock the baby to sleep, or do his stupid kid’s math homework for him.

Well, you start out in the chair at least. But the moment you activate the hidden spring mechanism within the seat that ejects you from your throne, your anger meter begins to swell. Every second you’re not watching Soccer is another notch in the Angry Angry Dad meter. That’s just Dad at a 2, and when he’s doing any of the chores around the house he starts to scale up to a 10. You don’t want to see him at a 10 (because you get game over). You also get game over if you don’t take care of your family. Forget asking mom for help, she’s too busy walking around in her robe and hair curlers. She probably thinks it’s funny when dad loses his sanity, so she lets him deal with everything. Run around, take care of the family, and sit down to drink beer in order to lower that anger meter. One word of advice, rocking the baby to sleep is not fun, or easy. I shook the mouse rapidly and it only made everyone almost as miserable as my childhood.

Download the prototype jam on GameJolt.

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