Among The Trolls, Alpha Sign Up

Among The Trolls, Alpha Sign Up

Among The Trolls is a first-person survival game that has its alpha sign-up on their official website, developed by Forbidden Studios.

The player embarks on a journey to find Aarne who is a “tietäjä”, a powerful sage and a shaman from the Finnish folklore who has gone missing, the player has to learn secrets from him in order to become a tietäjä as well.

It is set in a widely idolized off-grid lifestyle that intertwines with the Northern folklore, with creatures lurking in the deep forests.

With a survival-based gameplay system set in place, you’ll be camping, finding resources, crafting multiple tools and items and survive as you journey on and finish your work, all mixed with engaging an narrative and RPG elements.

Moreover, there’s a very cool feature where you get to see the environment change around you as the year passes.

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