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Games are a lot of fun to play. Even more so when you can get your family and friends to join you in friendly cooperation or competition. Ameline and The Ultimate Burger is certainly a game that is perfectly suited to play with your family. You are a mouse called Ameline that is tasked to defend a food called The Ultimate Burger. You need this to cure the king of the land, who has received a terrible curse. This curse keeps him from having an appetite and he is unable to eat. The Burger is very special as it causes anyone who looks at it and doesn’t have a pure heart, to want to eat the burger, no matter what. You and your friends have to defend the Burger to help restore the king back to his old self.

The rats are smart and will come down directly on the Burger by way of balloons and other devices. You have to keep them at bay with your bow and arrows. As you take out enemies, they will drop coins that you can take to the shop to purchase better arrows, potions, and hats for your characters. Once you are armed, you move to the next level. It gets harder and harder as you go and more enemy types will start to revel themselves as you go along. With 100 levels, there are a lot of rats that want a taste of the Ultimate Burger, but you can’t allow them to have any. The fate of the kingdom rests with you and your friends.

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