All Walls Must Fall – Closed Alpha in May

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All Walls Must Fall , a top-down isometric tactics adventure game is currently on Kickstarter trying to get funded, and thankfully it did on March 27th with 25  days left on its campaign! As of writing this article, there’s still 15 days to go and they’ve already passed their first stretch goal and nearing their second one.

I gave the game a go and it’s pretty awesome, especially how fantastic its Tech-Noir theme and art style as well as its soundtrack, but that’s not all it has to offer though. The gameplay was quite interesting where in the first few levels I played the game in, it provided me with two options to play with where I’d either go guns blazing shooter my enemies and complete my objectives, or I could have a chat with the guards of the level I need to infiltrate and try to smooth talk my way through them, convincing me to let me in an area or get out of trouble, but it doesn’t always work out and when it doesn’t then a shootout begins.

It’s a fantastic game to play, even in its pre-alpha/alpha state. If you want to give the game’s alpha a go, then you can by backing the game on Kickstarter at the “Informal Collaborator” tier or above, with the closed alpha starting in May of 2017.

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