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I’m kind of addicted to this one. Air Mail is a top-down open world (not sure how endless it goes) low-poly aerial mail delivery service where you play as a regular mailman, but with a plane.

Aside from the simple yet alluring art style, fun SFX and chuckle-worthy character animations, you’ll have to fuel up your plane every once in a while by picking up, carrying and throwing fuel-barrels at it, snag a mail that’s color coded and atatch it to your plane, then fly off searching for the person wearing a scarf with the same color of the mail, to then land and deliver it to him/her, where you can also chat with them and hear about what the mail was about.

Air Mail is a charming, relaxing and fun prototype with small yet effective details, and I hope that the game gets continued support and expand.

Download the prototype jam on itch.

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