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The sign-up is open for the upcoming 3v3 FPS online multiplayer Aftercharge. The game is going to be a frantically-coordinated co-op where one team will be defending their extractor emplacements from their own creations, permanently invisible robots. Sounds like a losing battle, especially since the robots can transfer energy between each other to boost attacks or even reviving teammates. Being invisible doesn’t mean invulnerable, so players who choose the robot team will have to rely on deception and tricks to distract the Enforcers as they execute a plan to destroy the extractors.

The enforcers have a chance even if it seems hopeless. Their team members are class-based, each with a unique primary weapon, sub weapon, and a special ability. In order to achieve victory, they must shut down the robots, but the functioning of their weapons and abilities rely heavily on the extractors. The primary weapon and special abilities run on energy, and when that begins to deplete, they have to stand near the extractors to recharge. This isn’t possible if the robots sabotage the extractors, so preservation of the structures not only prevents the robots from winning, but also ensures that your defenses are in working order. After those extractors go down, it’s an uphill struggle til the end of the match. Aftercharge creates a unique competitive PVP game scenario and offers a fresh experience in multiplayer arena-based gameplay. More info and updates can be found on their Twitter and website!

Sign-up for the beta on the game’s website.

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