A Thief’s Melody, Alpha Demo Download

A Thief’s Melody, Alpha Demo Download

A Thief’s Melody is a single player, adventure game inspired by old games such as “Beyond Good and Evil” and “Zelda Windwalker”. The game is in alpha and a demo is available for download on it’s website.

Dive into the hand drawn, ocean-covered, open world of a Thief’s Melody where you play as a thief recently joining the Thief’s Guild.

Learn the art of the trade from your teachers as you acquire new skills and abilities.

Explore the ocean world atop your pet sea turtle, and travel to different lands curing all the ill animals you see along the way.

Use your magnetic gauntlets to climb walls, fight enemies, use bombs, or sneak your way around pirates, guards, and robots.

If you’re a fan of the Zelda games, you will definitely enjoy this game with its dialogue and quests.

To keep up with the game’s development, make sure to check out and follow the developers over at their Twitter page.

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